Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Berbasis Android dengan Pendekatan Multipel Representasi pada Topik Jaringan tumbuhan

  • Nova Jessyca Aruan Universitas Negeri Medan


The existence of a pandemic has made the learning system in schools inevitably change. The existence and understanding of using simple applications is no longer new for students and teachers alike, but a necessity. There is no learning media about networks used at the high school level that represents network concepts macroscopically, submicroscopically and symbolically and is adapted to online learning. For this reason, the development of Android-based interactive learning media with a multiple representation approach on the topic of plant tissue exists with the hope that students can understand the concepts of tissue as a whole. The purpose of developing this media is to develop Android-based learning media and find out its feasibility. Based on the validation results, it shows that the media is very suitable for use by meeting the percentage of 83.7%, so based on this assessment the media is very suitable for students to use as a learning resource in class.