Mental Toughness Athlete SSB SASWCO BANDUNG U-15

  • Dhani Krismianto Department of Sport Education, Postgraduated School, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Mental Toughness, Soccer



he purpose of this study was to determine the mental toughness of U15 SSB SASWCO BANDUNG

athletes. The research method used is a quantitative descriptive method with a survey research design. The research population was U -15 SSB SASWCO BANDUNG athletes, totaling 32 people, the sample used was 32 people taken based on total sampling technique. The instrument used was the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ) which was arranged based on the Likert scale. Data analysis used average and percentage testing with the help of the SPSS Version 25 application and Microsoft Excel 2016. The results showed that the mental toughness of U-15 SSB SASWCO BANDUNG athletes was very low 13%, low 25%, moderate 41%, high 16% and very High 6%. Seeing from the mental toughness of athletes participating in the PSSI competition in Bandung City, there needs to be a solution to overcome this, both from the coach or staff so that the athlete’s mental toughness to continue to a higher level can be strong, especially in the coaching process so that it is included in the training program, the importance of mental training for football athlete.