Kahoot Application as Learning Platform for Evaluation of Arabic Vocabulary Elements

  • Mawaddah Hudri Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Keywords: Arabic vocabulary, Kahoot application, Learning evaluation


Vocabulary or mufradat is one of the important elements in learning Arabic language. Most people believe that the first thing in learning a foreign language is to know and learn its vocabulary. However, learning a language will not be enough if ones only learn vocabulary without paying attention to grammar and language. By learning vocabulary, students can acquire language skills (istima'. kalam, qiraah, kitabah). To determine the achievement of learning outcomes, evaluation is necessary. One of alternative evaluations is to use an application. This research is a literature study which shows interprets findings on the use of Kahoot application in the evaluation of Arabic vocabulary elements. The advantages of using Kahoot application in learning activity are: 1) making the students become motivated in learning; 2) minimizing cheating; and 3) easing the evaluation and grading by teachers. While the drawbacks of using Kahoot application in learning Arabic language are limited to the good internet connection and the teachers need their own tricks in supervising students when the exam is in progress.  To sum up, this research is aimed to be a media innovation resource in learning evaluation.